The Base Towers viewpoint hike is one of the most popular and challenging excursions in Torres del Paine National Park, it lasts an average of 8 to 10 hours round trip, covering approximately 22 kilometers. On the trail you will be able to appreciate varied landscapes, including forests, mountains, rivers and lakes.

The French Valley is one of the destinations within the "W" circuit, with an average duration of 8 hours. This fascinating trek offers hikers an immersive experience in a stunning mountainous landscape. The trail takes us into a valley surrounded by imposing mountains, majestic glaciers and mighty rivers.

The best way to appreciate the majesty of a glacier is to walk towards it. The Grey Trail is part of the well-known “W” circuit. It has an average duration of 8 hours with constant altitude variations. At the end of the path we will arrive at the viewpoint that will surprise us by the constant landslides that affect this mass of frozen water.

Cuernos Viewpoint trail allows us to see the imposing Cuernos del Paine face to face, a fusion of black sedimentary rock together with the granite formation that makes this view one of the most impressive in the world. It has an average duration of 2.5 hours in the central area of the park.

An unmissable hike within the national park is Condor Viewpoint, which takes us to one of the locations with the best views of Lake Pehoe and the Paine Massif. It lasts 2.5 hours and to do it we must be prepared to climb slopes on rocky roads and experience strong gusts of wind typical of Patagonia, which will make this expedition an adventure.

This activity will allow us to visit the beach of the largest lake in the park and the region, surrounded by exuberant vegetation and unique organic formations. It is of low difficulty, which makes it an accessible expedition for people who want to do less demanding activities.

Belonging to the Patagonian Andes, it offers us a panoramic view of the Torres del Paine park, with the Grey, Zapata and Pingo glaciers visible, belonging to the southern ice fields and several of the lakes that are part of the place. It lasts 4 hours with a steep slope, which positions it as the most difficult half-day trail.